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From a young age, we have been taught that focusing on our "features and benefits" is the best way to market our products and build client relationships. But what if there was a more effective strategy? A method more closely aligned with how our audience prefers to build relationships? That allowed us to build longer term relationships with the right clients and reduce the costs involved with finding the right prospects at the same time? There is a way and its time for your marketing revolution.   

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Karen Meissner


Karen Meissner is the owner of Brand.4.Profit and one of Brisbane's leading branding and intimacy experts. Working with clients around the world she helps them develop true meaning behind their business.

Eyes Open Social Media

Eyes Open Social Media

Tricia and Dan are the owners of Eyes Open Social Media. Eyes open are an organisation dedicated to protecting children and families from the dangers of social media. Through their programs they educate on security measures to allow more empowered social usage.   

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An interview with

A fantastic conversation with Patrick from - a company out of Melbourne that create handwritten cards for time poor people who care about the impressions they make. 

Simon Sinek on Trust

Simon Sinek has a fantastic way of concisely illustrating his points through a relatable narrative. I particularly love this take on how shared value and community creates trust. I hope you like it too.