Most of our clients share one common trait. They are looking to improve the revenue from each client over time through stronger relationships. We therefore have the biggest impact with businesses that have the opportunity to build those relationships over time. 

We combine sound sales and marketing frameworks with the current behavioural science around what builds a sound trusting relationship.  We use these tools to work with businesses to in 3 different formats - day workshops, project based strategic direction and ongoing goal based advisory. 

The end result is a new way to attract new clients, intentionally engage them in a trusting relationship and nurture that relationship to improve the revenue per client at a very low cost. Sound like you? Let's have a chat. 

Karen Meissner


Karen Meissner is the owner of Brand.4.Profit and one of Brisbane's leading branding and intimacy experts. Working with clients around the world she helps them develop true meaning behind their business.

Eyes Open Social Media

Eyes Open Social Media

Tricia and Dan are the owners of Eyes Open Social Media. Eyes open are an organisation dedicated to protecting children and families from the dangers of social media. Through their programs they educate on security measures to allow more empowered social usage.   

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