Hi, I'm Jay!

I am determined to change the world for the better one business at a time. The quality of the relationships in our lives heavily affects how happy we are; why should we leave this idea at the door on our way to work? By personalising customer experience, and focusing on the strength of our interpersonal relationships, we can craft happier, healthier workplaces, meaningful, productive relationships with fellow staff, and lasting, trusting partnerships with our customers.

"Jay is a refreshing 'reality check' in an increasingly digital world focused on making the quickest dollar for the least amount of work and time. A great reminder that 'trust' is at the heart of building lasting relationships and being human. Jay translates this to a small business perspective especially as it relates to attracting (and retaining) quality customers and its role in making purchasing decisions.”


I have done my time

It was 2006. I was working out of an office in Brisbane, Australia. I shared a long desk with probably 5 or 6 other sales people. Every day we were expected to go out and knock on the door of twenty new businesses and make twenty phone calls to new prospects.   Anything to get that business card off the receptionists desk so that I could avoid embarrassment within our team in the following days. IT WAS A “NUMBERS GAME!”.

Every week our performance was critiqued. On the occasions when things weren’t good we would be told that we just weren’t doing enough. The stress of these occassions meant that every other part of my life suffered. In fact, it all culminated in 2009 when I had a panic attack at my office in front of my team. 

It is only now that I am able to analyse that time and understand that this role, the relationships I had within the business and the relationships I was forced to have with my clients were not aligned with either my core values or how my clients wanted to engage with me. I was always doomed to fail. I vowed at that point that, no matter what I did in business, it would be aligned to helping businesses and businesses have stronger, more trusting relationships with their clients.

Selling doesn't need to be hard
it just needs to be defined.

Your sales partner

I know how hard the slog of business can be. In fact, I am still living it. I own two other businesses at present that face all the same challenges that you do. The difference is I have put in the time to understand the science and practicality of creating high-trust relationships with clients. We have aligned it with what sales REALLY looks like and created systems and tools to generate not only better relationships with clients but higher value and longer lasting revenue streams with people that share your values. 

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