Humans are inherently social animals. We make friends by forging strong emotional connections. We invest time and energy into building authentic friendships. Through a focus on what creates a long-term trusted relationship, we can show you how to create a brand that your audience not only believes in, but socially mobilises on. 

Helping to create long term profitable partnerships 

In 2011, Groupon in the USA was considered the fastest growing internet company in history. The novelty of Groupon's daily discounted deals was an obvious win for any business looking to improve their leads. The model was simple, discount your product by 50% or more and then split the rest 50/50 with Groupon. Those customers who liked the experience would "stay as loyal full paying customers".

As you are probably aware,  in 2012 Groupon also took the unfortunate distinction of the fastest falling tech stock since the Dot Com bubble burst. Users that subscribed to Groupon were focused on getting the cheapest price and this didn't change when they actually purchased. Groupon did not forsee that in creating transactional, price-driven leads for their customers they also created an environment that actually hurt the long-term viability of the business rather than grow their customer base.

Although the lessons learned from Groupon are obvious, the majority of businesses I work with still have a large disconnect between what they do and the intention that they have as a business. As buyers, we describe,  judge and buy products in a deeply personal and emotional way. So why do we not spend time on strategy in this area? 

On face value, the relationship and EQ elements seem incongruent with the general "scale-up" industrialised view of how to be more profitable or successful in business. The end result being that we cultivate expensive, short-term transactions with customers that expect nothing more. 

My aim with is to find the true intention,  authenticity and trustworthiness of the agencies I work with. Through this authenticity, we can create richer environments where an organisation can work with its clients in a more long term productive and profitable way. 

The sales, profit, growth opportunities are right there. Just change the conversation. 

My intention

We judge brands and people on their behaviour towards us and others - but hope that others will judge us on our intention.

It is my intention to help you grow your business through understanding your reason for existing, mobilising on that intention and giving you the tools and behaviours to create a business that generates not only business growth but also a personally satisfying business journey.

A few words from businesses we’ve helped

Karen Meissner


Karen Meissner is the owner of Brand.4.Profit and one of Brisbane's leading branding and intimacy experts. Working with clients around the world she helps them develop true meaning behind their business.

Eyes Open Social Media

Eyes Open Social Media

Tricia and Dan are the owners of Eyes Open Social Media. Eyes open are an organisation dedicated to protecting children and families from the dangers of social media. Through their programs they educate on security measures to allow more empowered social usage.   

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