The creative, big idea motivations that got the agency going are not only what our clients buy but are also the hardest pieces to keep alive while dealing with the realities of business life. 

I get it, its not easy. When you simplify it down to the goal of spending more time with clients that value your intellect and are happy to pay handsomely for it though, the puzzle pieces start to come together. There are four main areas that we work with clients to deliver strong strategic growth.  

Vision, Mission & Values

We work with agency management teams to help define a strong vision for the business and then to define the behaviours that are going to lead to the successful delivery of that vision. This is becomes and active tool that is used to measure key decisions within the agency as well as deliver on the long term financial goals of the organisation. 

Customer Matrix

We all know that running a successful business relies on understanding your customer - you probably preach this to you customers right? The interesting part is that with most agencies we work with this is the one area where the agency paradox is strongly highlighted. We work with clients to get their target audiences laser focused so their internal teams can begin to allow the brand messaging to be consistent so that all conversations start to become that of a trusted advisor. 


Capacity planning is one area of business that does not get spoken about enough. If you are looking at steady strategic growth though, it is an essential ingredient. We help agencies to understand that without sufficient capacity planning, business development can actually be damaging to a business rather than its intention.

Aligning this with a robust financial planning meeting allows a clear direction for the future of the agency. 


We understand the agency owner mindset. In most cases, agencies are started by an incredibly creative individual with aspirations beyond making a dollar. Using neuroscience, behavioural science, mindfulness and our own methodology we work with clients to protect this essential element of their business. 

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Since engaging with Jay, I have learnt practical, implementable science-based strategies, systems and tools that I can implement in the business. As a result, I feel more confident in how I build authentic business relationships and am able to create strategies that create trust and grow revenue.

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Karen Meissner


Karen Meissner is the owner of Brand.4.Profit and one of Brisbane's leading branding and intimacy experts. Working with clients around the world she helps them develop true meaning behind their business.

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Eyes Open Social Media

Tricia and Dan are the owners of Eyes Open Social Media. Eyes open are an organisation dedicated to protecting children and families from the dangers of social media. Through their programs they educate on security measures to allow more empowered social usage.   

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