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A long-term profitable relationship with your customer can be a resource-heavy endeavour. Ensuring that you get it "right' every time tso that they don't rethink your contract next time, often means that you spend much of your time "doing" the job rather than running the business. Building strong processes is the often the go-to solution, and this helps. But what if you want a customer experience that is so good that people advocate for your process as much as your product?  

At Conduit Strategies we believe that your story is your greatest asset and how your communicate it is your strongest action. We believe that true sustainable tribes are built through a brand that has a impact statement and then moves to create a brand story that not only allows emotional investment but also includes your customer in the journey of success.

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Since engaging with Jay, I have learnt practical, implementable science-based strategies, systems and tools that I can implement in the business. As a result, I feel more confident in how I build authentic business relationships and am able to create strategies that create trust and grow revenue.


A systemised approach to longevity

Every business with a strong impact statement has the ability to mobilise a tribe of advocates as their clients. We follow a precise process of defining the tribe and their customer journey that they follow through your business. We then identify the "WOW Moment" opportunities that will enhance a strong communication of the brand's intention. Once you have successfully processed the journey, its time to work on the most important part - engaging your audience with the messaging and tools to be able to spread your impact statement.

At Conduit, we believe that "what" you do is not where you compete. As a customer, my true devotion comes down to whether I believe in your impact and whether "how" you communicate with me engages me to take action and most importantly encourage others to do so too.  


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