At Conduit Strategies, relationships are at the heart of everything we do. Studies now back what we all have really known for a while - a genuine, high trust, "everyone wins" model allows both you and your clients to exponentially grow your business with ease. With the modern day pressures of commerce though, spending the time to identify the right clients and also building a relationship with those clients often feels like a mountain that we choose not to climb. 

Without investing time in a more relationship approach not marketing however, you will always be hunting for the new prospect - a very risky and costly exercise that relies on the changing landscape of the market, economy and even politics.

Our new customer marketing methodology  acknowledges that customers buy based on emotion and then justify that emotion through logic. We work to first communicate an intention to a highly targeted and unique audience allowing them to assume our competence through other channels.

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“Jay, thank you for presenting on ‘Trust’ to our Inner Circle Group recently. It generated the sort of conversation that we had been lacking and I believe has been responsible for a positive breakthrough in the way in which we communicate with and support each other. Thank you for being bold and sharing your experiences.”



At Conduit, we are committed to a modern marketing approach that considers clients as long-term partners in the growth and success of any business. Our methodology helps to re-engineer the "friction" that so many of us feel when thinking about 'leveraging' existing relationships, or caplitalising on our networks. When we understand that our relationships are more than transactions, when we genuinely seek to "nurture" and grow long term profitable partnerships, our existing networks become our greatest asset. 

Our existing client methodology acknowledges that every client relationship we have is a journey of emotional energy. Identifying the milestones of this journey and working ways to improve customer perception during this journey is the only way to improving customer advocacy. Once this process has been finely tuned, the road to customer advocacy and a stong referral strategy is not short but very cost effective. 

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