"I'm not a sales person" or "I don't really sell to my clients"

I hear these phrases quite a lot when talking with clients. The fact of the matter is though - if you run a business you are a sales person. I can tell you that if you think "sales" is a dirty word then you are probably not doing it correctly. Let me show you how to create relationships that deliver amazing results based on solid trust - the cornerstone of our economy. 

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Understanding the true purpose of the business is a crucial part of improving your sales growth. Ironically though, with the pressure of delivering sales and revenue, this area is often overlooked as unimportant or distracting. The fact is though, as a buyer I need to understand the purpose of the business to understand your intention. Intention - the first building block to building trust. 

Recognising the true value proposition of the business is the next important step to setting the groundwork for an effective sales strategy. We work with our clients to establish a uniquely identifiable value proposition that not only sets them apart in their market but aims to make it hard to even compare to them to their competition. 

Once both of these pillars are in place, a business has the "backbone" to validate decisions and build trully successful sales strategy.

A Sticky Sales Solution

With the necessary "truths" of the business identified, a business is ready to create a collaborative and abundant sales strategy. We have built a method that allows our clients to build a relationship that improves likelihood of the conversion of each a customer, at a price you never thought was possible. Better still, our process increases revenue and reduces costs by creating long term profitable partnerships - true advocates for your brand and services. 

Conduit partners with their clients to ensure they not only have a sales funnel that delivers them amazing results but their business has a true sales intention and strategy for where it is going. 

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